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I'm Starting a Blog!!!

Hey there! So I am updating my website this morning and deciding between starting a blog or vlog. I put a poll out on my Instagram and it was 50/50. Come on guys - not helpful! Joking!!!

My plan for this Blog is for it to be an extension of my Instagram. I put a lot of thought into my content, and I feel like I often have more to say that I don't want to get lost in the captions. So the plan is to place it here.

I do think I want to do some sort of vlog as well, or maybe start a podcast. Am I too all over the place? Probably. But I am excited to connect with you all more, and seriously trying to consider what would be most accessible. That's why I am considering actually doing both, so that the format is accessible depending on your needs.

What are your thoughts? Would you be more likely to listen to a vlog or read a blog? Do you like the idea of doing both? Let me know!

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Sounds great, excited for what’s to come! A podcast would be my personal favorite, maybe with video option (I think some podcasters do this and you can watch it directly on spotify)

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