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 Physical Therapy 


  1. Therapeutic Exercise: a form of exercise in which the frequency and intensity is prescribed based on each individual patient's needs. 

  2. Neuromuscular Reeducation: specific exercises aimed at reeducating your body on how to move the correct way.  

  3. Functional Movement Training: specific exercises tailored towards day to day movements such as getting out of a chair, walking down the stairs, etc.

  4. Modalities: specific treatments aimed at assisting in pain management. Could include suggested taping techniques, an icing or heating regimen, or other recommendations for symptom management. 

  5. Ergonomic Training: training specifically related to improving movement patterns to reduce risk of injury. This can include learning how to lift or squat properly, or learning how to set up your home workspace. 

  6. Manual Therapy: Combination of the most appropriate hands-on skills needed to meet your goals. Could include: soft tissue mobilization, myofascial release, joint mobilization, muscle energy technique, etc.

  7. Patient Education: possibly the most important of any treatment. Patient education includes any discussions about your physical therapy diagnosis including the cause, the treatment, and how to prevent future injuries. 

"My approach to physical therapy has always been to encourage and motivate my patients to take an active role in their care." -Dr. Kate

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